Latin for Beginners: frequential lexicon (Latin Core Vocabulary DCC), the first 100 most common words.


Translate the lemma, giving more than a significate, if possible.

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Exercise A

  • [DCC01.0]. , give
  • [DCC01.1]. id, he, she, it
  • [DCC01.2]. bellum, war
  • [DCC01.3]. īre, go
  • [DCC01.4]. nunc, now
  • [DCC01.5]. , down from, about, concerning (+ abl.)
  • [DCC01.6]. tua, your
  • [DCC01.7]. arma, arms, weapons
  • [DCC01.8]. pater, father, ancestor
  • [DCC01.9]. alium, other, another; ālias: at another time
  • [DCC01.10]. ab, from, by (+abl.)
  • [DCC01.11]. ipsa, him- her- itself
  • [DCC01.12]. ut, as (+ indic.); so that, with the result that (+ subj.); (in questions) in what manner, how; (exclam.) to what an extent! how!
  • [DCC01.13]. omne, all, every, as a whole
  • [DCC01.14]. , you (sing.)
  • [DCC01.15]. at, but, but yet
  • [DCC01.16]. petō, seek, aim at
  • [DCC01.17]. neque, and not, nor; neque ... neque, neither ... nor; → nec
  • [DCC01.18]. suus, his own, her own, its own
  • [DCC01.19]. diēs, day
  • [DCC01.20]. rēx, king
  • [DCC01.21]. pars, part
  • [DCC01.22]. illa, that
  • [DCC01.23]. manus, hand; band of men
  • [DCC01.24]. , you (sing.)
  • [DCC01.25]. inter, between, among; during (+ acc.)
  • [DCC01.26]. deus, god; goddess
  • [DCC01.27]. rēs, thing (rēs pūblica, commonwealth; rēs familiāris, family property, estate; rēs mīlitāris, art of war; rēs novae, revolution)
  • [DCC01.28]. māgnum, great
  • [DCC01.29]. superum, situated above, upper
  • [DCC01.30]. datum, give
  • [DCC01.31]. haec, this, these
  • [DCC01.32]. meum, my
  • [DCC01.33]. omnis, all, every, as a whole
  • [DCC01.34]. quicquam/quidquam, any (single) person, anyone at all
  • [DCC01.35]. , lest, that not
  • [DCC01.36]. nōbīs, we
  • [DCC01.37]. sīc, in this manner, thus; sīc ... ut: in the same way as
  • [DCC01.38]. iubēre, bid, order
  • [DCC01.39]. etiam, also, even
  • [DCC01.40]. tamen, nevertheless, still
  • [DCC01.41]. dedī, give
  • [DCC01.42]. aut, or
  • [DCC01.43]. an, or (in questions); utrum ... an: whether ... or
  • [DCC01.44]. ipsum, him- her- itself
  • [DCC01.45]. nihil,, nothing; not at all
  • [DCC01.46]. sui, him- her- itself, themselves
  • [DCC01.47]. nisi,, if not, unless
  • [DCC01.48]. magis, more
  • [DCC01.49]. sē/sēsē, him- her- itself, themselves
  • [DCC01.50]. animus, spirit, mind
  • [DCC01.51]. nam, for, indeed, really
  • [DCC01.52]. mors, death
  • [DCC01.53]. posse, be able
  • [DCC01.54]. illud, that
  • [DCC01.55]. atque, and in addition, and also, and; (after comparatives) than; simul atque, as soon as; → ac
  • [DCC01.56]. dīcō, say; causam dīcere, plead a case; diem dīcere, appoint a day
  • [DCC01.57]. vīsum, see
  • [DCC01.58]. agō, drive, do, act
  • [DCC01.59]. supera, situated above, upper
  • [DCC01.60]. sed, but
  • [DCC01.61]. tōtum, whole, entire
  • [DCC01.62]. per, through (+acc.)
  • [DCC01.63]. istud, that, that of yours; adv. istīc or istūc: over there; istinc: from over there
  • [DCC01.64]. homō, human being
  • [DCC01.65]. lātum, bear, carry, endure
  • [DCC01.66]. ille, that
  • [DCC01.67]. vir, man
  • [DCC01.68]. iussī, bid, order
  • [DCC01.69]. meī, I, me
  • [DCC01.70]. hīc, here; hinc: from here
  • [DCC01.71]. alius, other, another; ālias: at another time
  • [DCC01.72]. ac, and in addition, and also, and; (after comparatives) than; simul ac, as soon as; → atque
  • [DCC01.73]. is, he, she, it
  • [DCC01.74]. enim, for, indeed
  • [DCC01.75]. ferō, bear, carry, endure
  • [DCC01.76]. ubi, where, when
  • [DCC01.77]. tempus, time
  • [DCC01.78]. locus, place; loca (n. pl.) region
  • [DCC01.79]. māgnus, great
  • [DCC01.80]. quam, how?; (after comparative) than
  • [DCC01.81]. māgna, great
  • [DCC01.82]. urbs, city
  • [DCC01.83]. cum, with (prep. + abl.); when, since, although (conjunction + subj.)
  • [DCC01.84]. tōta, whole, entire
  • [DCC01.85]. terra, land
  • [DCC01.86]. dictum, say; causam dīcere, plead a case; diem dīcere, appoint a day
  • [DCC01.87]. venīre, come
  • [DCC01.88]. corpus, body
  • [DCC01.89]. , if
  • [DCC01.90]. veniō, come
  • [DCC01.91]. sua, his own, her own, its own
  • [DCC01.92]. bona, good
  • [DCC01.93]. mea, my
  • [DCC01.94]. ā, from, by (+abl.)
  • [DCC01.95]. volō, wish, be willing

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